COVID Run Protocols

We’re so happy to be back running! Of course, it can’t be just like the beforetimes…yet. We need to keep our fellow runners and the community safe. Here’s all the details needed to run with the Pacers in COVID times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Current COVID Running Protocols

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never run with the Pacers before. What should I do?
First, welcome! Second, make sure to register with us. Third and so on, follow the COVID protocols, head to a run, and let someone in front of the crowd know you are new.

Do I have to wear a face covering?
Yes, at some point. All runners, regardless of vaccination status, should wear a mask when not actively running (stretches, announcements, etc.)

Runners who are not fully vaccinated will wear a face covering at all times when with the Pacers.

Is proof of vaccination required.

Can I wear a neck gaiter/buff?

I’m nervous about the “honor system”. What if someone says they are vaccinated and they are not?
We hear you. Knowing our Pacer family like we do, we think it’ll be incredibly unlikely; however, we would urge you to take precautions (wear a mask, run with only people you know, etc) and only do what makes you comfortable. If you need to stay away for a little longer, know we will welcome you back whenever you’re ready.

I don’t agree with the state/county/city/Pacer rules.
Yeah, there’s a lot of disagreement out there. That said, we’re not here to argue with anyone; we’re here to build a community, lift people’s spirits, and run. As Pacers, we are kind and caring to others—Pacers or not—and that energy couldn’t be more needed right now. So, please choose kindness, follow our COVID protocols, and keep the good energy flowing.

I’m not vaccinated and I’m running with friends/family/others that don’t care if I wear a face covering.
If you are running with the Pasadena Pacers, you need to wear a face covering if not fully vaccinated. This is in accordance with local health guidelines. And, as a reminder, actions by any Pacer reflect on the group as a whole.

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Current COVID Protocols as of January 5, 2022
(subject to change)
Please follow our COVID protocols. Any infringement of protocols could result in you being asked to leave the run immediately. As a reminder, the Pasadena Pacers is a free running club and staffed completely by volunteers.

  1. Runners will not attend group runs if showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. All runners must wear a mask when not actively running. Runners who are not fully vaccinated will wear a face covering at all times when with the Pacers.
  3. Bring your own water bottle and face covering. There will be water jugs on routes. Face coverings may not always be in available at meet-ups.
  4. All runners will follow all traffic laws. (This is not just a COVID rule, but it bears repeating.)
  5. All Pacers are to understand we are members of a community-at-large and our behavior—positive or negative—can reflect on the group as a whole.

Per usual, all runners run at their own risk. Stay safe and run well!

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