PACER MEDAL MONDAY!!! Just saying it this week makes us want to dance more!!! We are so proud of our three groups that graduated this past Saturday and earned themselves a Pacer Medal! Your drive and determination got you through all your training! We are so proud of you, so come out tonight and wear those medals proudly. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making this graduation day special. We know how much it means to each of us to feel that Pacer love and support! Your high fives, your smiles, and your encouraging words are what make this group amazing! 

Now that you have graduated and/or now that you’re in taper mode for Mountains 2 Beach, it doesn’t mean that your running stops. Check out our schedule. 

Today, MONDAY, we will meet at 6:30pm at Palm Park 5736 El Rancho Dr in Whittier and do some maintenance miles. We are less than a week away from race day so take your runs easy and just keep those legs moving. Think “Sexy Pace”! During all your runs this week you should be able to have full conversations and not struggle with your breathing. 

WEDNESDAY we meet at 6:30pm. For those interested, we will do hill repeats. For everyone else, we will be doing more maintenance miles. We don’t recommend you do hills this close to race day so stick to sexy pace on the trail and focus on looking good for the camera! 

SATURDAY we meet at 7:00am. If you’re leaving for Ventura Saturday, we encourage you to come out for a shakeout run. Or, come show your love and support to all those that are still training and get a dose of Pacer Love before you head out. 

Also on Saturday for everyone that is going to be in Ventura we will be meeting for a light dinner. We will have updates for the exact time and location in the next few days. 

Reminder: Our next 12-week session starts June 1st. If you’re in between programs don’t stop running. Keep up your miles and maintain all the training you have already done and get your legs ready for your next accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight!!


We’re excited to welcome you to our Pacer community. We’re a free, supportive running club and we cater to all running abilities and distances. Just register and show up for a run! group-day-1

See our meeting location below and look at the menus above and to the left for our next events and info on our training programs. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your running goals.

We help you to the start line. We cheer for you at the finish line.

Meeting Location

We meet Saturdays at 7:00am, and Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Our location is 5736 El Rancho Drive, Whittier, CA