Meet The Coach: Mark S.

Bridge To Half Coach Mark S.

Coach Mark S. Photo by Kaitlyn © 2019
Ready to challenge yourself and do more than a 5K or 10K? Coach Mark’s Bridge-To-Half group is a 12-week program that will condition you to run 12 miles –how awesome is that? Coach Mark’s caring and helpful attitude is the perfect combination for getting you accustomed to long distance running. He not only helps you increase your miles safely, he also offers his experience and deep knowledge of speed, breathing, and nutrition techniques to keep you running longer and smarter!

  • Most Memorable Race:Vineman Half Ironman. This was my first long-distance triathlon, so I was both excited and scared. I swam, biked and ran well. The finish line volunteers were cool and held up the finish line banner so I could run through it, so I had a great finishing photo.
  • Best part of running:​ Cruising at an easy pace on a long trail run.
  • Favorite race to run:​ Mammoth Half Marathon. It’s the most beautiful road race I’ve done, but the altitude is a killer.
  • Favorite post-race meal:​ Corn dog and a Coke with ice.