Pacers Shuttle to the LAM Start Line

Looking for a ride to the start line of the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon? We got you covered.

There will be a shuttle from just south of the Del Mar Station to Dodgers Stadium the morning of the LA Marathon on March 8, 2020.  If you’d like to take advantage of this shuttle, you must:

Pay in advance and sign the waiver HERE. Each Shuttle Bus participant must register separately.

Now to Feb 10: $15 
Feb 11 to Mar 4: $20
Mar 8: $25  (if any seats are still available and a waiver is signed)

First come, first serve — when our two shuttles fill up, the shuttle signup will be closed. Depending on the date that the two shuttles are full, there may be a “waiting list”.  If there are not enough names on the waiting list, there will NOT be a third shuttle bus — so please sign up early.  No refunds or exchanges.

            ****UPDATE*** : As of February 16, there are only 20 seats left on the third bus — please sign up now, so you get a seat on the bus.

The shuttle will depart precisely at 4:45 AM from the corner of South Raymond Ave and East Del Mar (next to the Congregation Ale House) so don’t be late!  Garage parking is available down the street at the Del Mar Train Station. Please remember that the clocks change at Daylight Savings time starts early the morning of the race/shuttle bus. The clocks will move forward one hour — be on time for the new time change.

*Please note: This is a one-way bus ride from the Pasadena Del Mar train station to the start of the LA Marathon.  You will be responsible for your own transportation back to Pasadena.  We recommend looking into taking the Metro back to the Del Mar station, if you do not have a ride from the finish line in Santa Monica.