As a Conqur affiliated running club, Pasadena Pacers are being given special treatment again! If you are registered for LAM in the Open Corral (not a seeded corral) you can choose to move forward to Corral E. The only catch, you must register online as a Pasadena Pacer by January 31. To register, click this… more
Great News!!!  Dr. De La Cruz is conducting another speed program on Tuesday evenings. Training for the LA Marathon on March 8 2020? Or are you interested in working to improve your speed, then check out the Introductory Speed Program coached by Dr. Andres T. De La Cruz, DC, CSCS. This program is FREE to… more
IMPORTANT UPDATE:  March 4: The three shuttle buses are full. If you did not register/pay, please do NOT expect to just show up and get a seat on the shuttle bus. Looking for a ride to the start line of the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon? We got you covered. There will be a shuttle from… more
The Pasadena 5K and Half Marathon is finally here!!! Let’s get excited. Below are some helpful hints that should make race day easier and less overwhelming. Please refer to the website for official bib pickup, race day information (e.g., parking, road closures, other details), etc.. Official Race Bib Pickup and Pacers Wristband Pickup: Registered… more
Training for the Pasadena Half in January 2020?  If you are interested in working on your speed, then check out the new Introductory Speed Program coached by Dr. Andres T. De La Cruz, DC, CSCS. This program is FREE to Pacers – yes, free — no cost. Dr. De La Cruz is a sports chiropractor,… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc Revel Big Bear is on our race calendar and it’s time to start training. It’s a big downhill race, big for the altitude loss of nearly 5,000 feet. I don’t know of another race with that big of a loss anywhere else in the country.  It… more
  By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc There is a lot written about the best way to run. I’m talking about gait, form, forefoot vs. rearfoot, vs. midfoot. The question of how best to run pops up all the time. You hear it on the runs, in social media, coffee shops, and… more
It’s going to be hot this weekend and if you are going on a long run, here are a few tips to get you through the day. If you are going long, go early. We like seeing everyone at the tables at 7:00, we are a team, a community, a family. We want everyone to… more
Who is excited for 2019 Pasadena Pacers Victory Party?!?!? As part of the event, we hold an auction to help raise money to keep this club free for runners. This year we have some great prizes – sporting events, police helicopter ride, fire rig tour, restaurants, theaters, museums, running shoes, wine tasting party, brewery tour, and… more
With a smile that helps get you through the tough runs, Cristina will lead our Pre-Conditioners from couch-to-five miles with her cheery enthusiasm. During her time as a Pacer, Cristina has gone on to become a marathoner and dedicated volunteer. Our 2019 LA Marathon runners will know her as half of our “Fuel Fairy” duo,… more