Big Ol’ LAM Post 2020 for LAM Participants

It’s finally 2020 Los Angeles Marathon (LAM) time! We’re so proud of each and every one of you running in LAM. You trained hard and you’re ready. Below is some information to help you plan for race day and here is the link for your family and friends who plan to go to the Pacers 20 Mile Cheer Station.

Race Expo (all race participants will need to pick up their race bibs at the Expo at LA Convention Center)

  • Check out the LAM official website for Expo details, race maps, and other important details.
  • All race participants must wear their own bib. Selling or giving your bib to another runner violate the race’s policies. Wearing a photocopied or fake bib, or running the race route without a bib (“bandit”) is considered “stealing” and is not acceptable. Violators may be disqualified from the race and banned from future Conqur Endurance races.

Pacer Shirts and Pacer Gear 

  • It’s really important to wear your Pacers shirt and Pacers gear on race day. Spectators cheer for Pacers, you’ll be spotted and acknowledged by other Pacers and volunteers, and you’ll be spotted more easily by our photographers throughout the race, and more.
  • Pacers shirts and Pacers gear are available at Run With Us. Remind them that you’re a Pacer and you get a 10% discount on running shoes, apparel, and most other items.

Drop Bags (you don’t need to have one, it’s just a service that we offer)

  • Do you have special fuel or snacks that you don’t want to carry with you but will need for the last 6 miles, plan to change into a fresh pair of socks or a clean shirt, or have a photo or inspirational quote to see at Mile 20?  If yes, you may want to have a Drop Bag.
  • The bag (a Ziploc bag will do) can include anything you may need except perishable foods and valuable items. Bags need to be clearly labeled with: full name, phone number, and pace group.
  • Please bring your Drop Bag to the regular Saturday run on February 22, February 29, or March 7.
  • Important:  Your Drop Bag can’t be picked up after the race. You can get your Drop Bag back the Saturday after LAM. So, please don’t leave anything that you need after the race or during the week in the bag (e.g., cell phone, keys).

Dodger Stadium Parking, Shuttle from Union Station, Drop Offs at Dodger Stadium

Please read all the transportation and parking information on the Conqur website. Note that if you are getting dropped off at Dodger Stadium, you must enter through the Golden State Gate, accessible via I-5.  Use the LEFT lanes leading into the Golden State Gate and proceed to the Runner Drop-Off Area in Parking Lot 4. * Use 2000 Academy Rd, Los Angeles CA for your GPS (for drop-offs and parking) *

Pacer Shuttle Bus to the Start Line

There are a few seats left on the shuttle bus (we will have three buses) — please email to learn how to reserve a seat.

Remember that the shuttle buses will only provide transportation TO the start line of the marathon. You need to find your own transportation from the finish line back to Pasadena (where your car may be parked) or to any other desired location.

  • The buses will be parked next to the Congregation Ale House parking lot, located at 300 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 . Just show up and sign in with the volunteer at the front of your bus . No need to print the confirmation email or PayPal receipt.
  • Parking is available up the street from the buses at the Del Mar train station parking area (on Raymond Ave. across from Central Park. If you take the train on race day, the parking should only cost you $3, with your TAP card. Without a TAP card, you will be charged the regular rate.
  • The bus will leave promptly at 4:45am—we will NOT hold the bus for anyone running late. This is important, so we repeat—the bus will leave promptly at 4:45am!
  • Important:  Clocks change at 2:00 am race day morning  — clocks move one hour ahead — don’t be late.
  • We will not accepting unregistered riders, so please  register in advance and do not bring additional folks as they will be denied entry.

Pacers Group Photo, Pace Team Photo, and Warmup Stretches

  • Meet at 6 am near the race Gear Check (see map).
  • We’ll take a group picture and Coach Ezra will lead stretches.
  • At stretches, you can pick up a back-of-bib sticker with a Pasadena Pacer’s contact info. You may contact this person if you encounter issues along the race route or need to communicate to the 20-Mile Cheer Tent. (If you have an emergency, call 911.)

20 Mile Cheer Station (it’s really at 20.2 or so)

Pacer volunteers will meet you before the Cheer Station and run you there —be on the lookout for Pacer flags. Once at the tent, take some food, hydrate, get our Drop Bag (if you left one for race day) and seek medical help, as needed. Don’t get too comfortable, you still have another 6 miles to the finish line.

Finish Line

Smile! You did it! (We knew you could!) Tell your family or friends to meet you under the “P” in the family reunion area. You’ll get to see both your family and your Pacer family there.

LAM Celebration Buffet Breakfast – March 14 

  • Keep the celebration going! If you didn’t sign up yet, please click here to read about the event and sign up now. The price increases at it gets closer to the breakfast, so pay early and take advantage of the lowest prices.
  • At the breakfast, you’ll eat, revel in everyone’s accomplishments, give thanks to the Pace Leaders, 20 Mile Cheer Station crew and others, eat more (it’s a buffet), watch a slide show of the adventure, and more.
  • All Pacers, friends and family are welcome to attend. Children age 12 and under are $10 at the door.

If you have any questions about any of the information above or about topics not included, please ask your Pace Leader. Or if you have a question/s before race day, ask by using Contact Us.  Enter your questions in the “Comment” section. We’ll direct your questions to the appropriate experts and try to get you a fast response.

Good luck, Pacers. You got this! Run, you Pacers, run.