1. Piriformis stretch 2. Ice 20 minutes 3. Ultrasound and interferrential muscle stimulation in office 3 times 4. After the acute pain has abated you can use a foam roller on your hip 5. Avoid road camber 6. Rest: No vigorous walking (hills) until pain is resolved 7. Kinesio tape (if need be) 8. Clam… more
Should you run hills and do speed work if you are new? I have read all manner of training methods, speed, hills, tempo, base training, training pace, goal pace and race pace. After weighing all the evidence I am convinced that the most important thing to do is log miles and time on the road.… more
Pacers, It’s racing season and we have a full line up of events on the calendar. Runners tend to get excited during racing season and push for faster times. Putting a chip on your shoe and a number on your chest causes some disturbing personality changes in many runners! Going out too fast and then… more
A research abstract from the Journal of sports Medicine May 15 05 showed a 28% incidence of hyponatremia (a condition where the salt concentration is too low) in runners at the Houston Marathon. Studies, done at other events yeilded similar results. Their conclusion is that you can definitely over hydrate. Females tend to hydrate more… more
Pacers, I saw a post that asked “Is it normal for my knees to hurt after a 10 mile run?” It’s a loaded question that begs a for reasonable answer. While many runners have soreness after a long run I would be nervous about it if I were training for a Marathon. I would be… more